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The Norma Jane Project

Your cleaning services have been pre-paid by an angel...

In 1950, a woman named Norma Jane Hux was born. She was a caring, loving, considerate, and selfless person. She was a wife and mother of 3 children: Aaron, Ashley, and Jennifer. Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 40s, and fought and won that battle. After 10 years of being clear, she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She lost her battle but won the war by going to heaven, from being such an angel during her time here on earth. Before her passing she was blessed with her 9th grandchild, a granddaughter she always prayed to have. During her rounds of chemo, we did all we could to lighten the load for her and her husband, Jimmy. Through all of this, we didn't realize how important one of the things we did was to her and her family, which was sending our cleaners over for no charge once in a while.

March 17, 2015 was the 2-year anniversary of her crossing over, and as always we thought of her and the greatness she spread in her time with us. During this time we really began to think of what we could do to further show her from down here how she impacted our lives, and how we live them because of her. So, we came up with the idea to provide free monthly cleaning services for people that went through what she did. We feel as a family business, Shore Thing Cleaning could represent her greatness by providing services paid for by an angel. We are a locally family-owned business that thrives off of strong moral beliefs and hard work, as well as teaching our children how to be great citizens by not only working hard to earn their living, but to not forget to do things for the good of all people. We think children should have role models to teach them that you don't only do things for money, but for others in need, even if there is no monetary benefit. There is an even greater benefit, the goodness you share, and the kindness in your heart. That is why we chose to start this additional service program.

We want to care for others in need of help, even if it is only a monthly clean during treatment of cancer. It is what WE have to give, and every little bit helps. All we ask for is a doctor's note faxed to us at 1-888-449-4649. Then just call to schedule services that fit your needs, and we will do the rest. Jane was such an inspiring woman and mother, and we want to do this in memory of her to pay tribute to our respect for her teaching us how to be the best we can be.

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