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Our Promise

Here at Shore Thing Cleaning, we strive for excellence! We promise to always maintain professionalism, clear communication, and attention to the detailed needs of our clients. No matter how big or small, we can provide a genuine service for all.

We feel a lasting business relationship consists of a quality group of people working together to keep up with the times and make sure the care of your home or business should not be one filled with complications and loopholes, but one with teamwork, care, and integrity. Shore Thing Cleaning takes pride in being your premier cleaning service, and will show you our results of doing good business and how and why we stand with the best. Our rates are quite competitive and our service is like no other. Try us and see for yourself how easy maintaining your home and/or business can be.

Also, having a good cleaning service is just as important as having insurance. When places are well maintained, things last longer because they are tended to properly and have less wear and tear, which saves you time and money in the long run.

Thank you to all Shore Thing Cleaning's clients for choosing us as your provider of services, and thank you to all future clients for your time and consideration.

  "Dear Heather and Shore Thing Cleaning Services crew... I am writing to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful job you do taking care of our beach house. As absentee owners who rent out our property, it is important for us to have people we can count on when we cannot be present. We feel so blessed to have found you. You do an amazing job each and every time you clean our cottage. I feel like you treat our property as you would your own... and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. One thing that I truly appreciate and have not found from any other company is your willingness to let us know how renters treated our property. When you tell us that the renter was respectful, we drop them a thank you note and offer them a return renter discount. On the other hand, when you find a mess and let us know about it, we know not to rent to those people again. Please know how much you are appreciated each and every day!"
      Tracey C.

  "I am so thankful to have found Shore Thing Cleaning Service! Heather is wonderful to work with. She answers all questions in a timely fashion, cleans to perfection, and takes my concerns to heart. I appreciate her listening skills and attention to detail when I make a request. This is my first year in working with Heather and I look forward to building my relationship for another season. She takes her business seriously."
      Joy C. ~ Life's A Joy

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